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Posted by DaZone Radioshow on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

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Understanding the meaning of MELANIC

Melanics – a term created by Dr. Ayo Maria Gooden, Ph.D., ABPBC, LLC, Licensed Psychologist and Board Certified African Centered/Black Psychologist, to more accurately refer to People of Color (Blacks, Native Americans/Indigenous People, Latinos/Hispanics, and Asians). 

Melanics make up 90% of the world population.  Caucasians or people who refer to themselves as White make up 10%.  Words have power.  When you tell people that they are a “minority” when they are a “majority”, if they are spiritual beings with a strong sense of right and wrong (morality), you accept having the “minority” piece of the pie.  When you learn that you are the “majority,” after being told all of your life that you are the “minority,” it raises powerful questions. 

Why are Melanics and Caucasians mislead into believing that Melanics are a “minority?”  Misleading or mis-educating people justifies the hoarding of wealth and resources by a minority-Caucasians-which ensures the success of most Caucasians and the failure most Melanics.  Fair-minded people automatically accept that it is normal for Caucasians to be in power because based on the “facts” most Melanics, especially Blacks, Native Americans and Latinos who have been subjected to slavery, colonization and placement on reservations by Caucasians have also been mis-educated by Caucasians.  This mis-education has been designed to maintain the submission of Melanics.  Asians (Chinese, Koreans and Japanese) have not been colonized and so they control the educational process of their people.  They are taught that they “can” and so they “do”.  Other Melanics have been taught they “cannot” and so they “do not”.  Melanics must be empowered to work together, excel academically, to create businesses, to build wealth, and to create strong/healthy families. 

 When Caucasians began traveling the globe, everywhere they went they found Melanics.  When they made babies with Melanics, they produced Melanics.  This is because the genes of Melanics are dominant and Caucasian genes are recessive.   The first people were Black.  Blacks have the most dominant genes.  All other ethnic/racial groups were formed by Blacks traveling to various regions around the world.  Environmental conditions altered the physical appearance of Blacks.  Blacks who traveled to the Caucasoid mountains lost most of their melanin (a pigment that gives color to the inside and outside of the body) over many thousand years.  The more melanin you have the darker your skin, hair and eye color.  A few of the benefits of Melanin include the following: targets and eliminates free radicals, protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, helps skin remain young looking, it absorbs energy and transforms harmful energy into useful energy, and prevents DNA damage.