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Be a part of the process to equality

A series of events lead up to the summit. This event is scheduled and planned to set precedent for future network and interaction within the melanic community for years to follow.


Those who RSVP prior to 18 July, 2016

of their intentions to register and attend will be afforded VIP registration and amenities in conjunction with finalized registration package cost.


“It is our endeavor to have all wanting to participate have the opportunity to do so, having to bear minimal financial burden. It is by having early commitments and sponsorships, we are able to render optimum services and programs for this paramount event. In addition, an open invitation is extended to organizations and programs, to include those which are faith based, should there be the desire to be involved in the planning, operations and/or sponsorship of the summit; contact us via email, correspondence or phone.



Engaged  to be empowered and heard

CCMC SUMMIT A variety of topics focusing on melanic community issues addressing Health/Wellness, education, Human Rights, and political and Social Networking within General Sessions, Forums, panels and Symposiums.

The 2016 Summit will convene Friday September 30, 2016 til Saturday, October 1, 2016. An array of organizational and service displays along with vendors will also be present. The summit will also host its First After Summit Dinner Affair